I had my work experience program at Valtech. I chose them because they´re working with something that interests me. They work simply to improve and simplify user´s digital lives.

First day (Tuesday, April 10)

The first day of my work experience program was very interesting. I came to the reception and met Louise. She welcomed me with a big smile, which reduced my nervousness. She showed me around the whole building and I met everyone who works here @ valtech. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. Then I met Funda. She put a big impression on me the first time I saw her. I noticed that she was very efficient and committed already when I saw her. I followed her to a room where she told about the purpose of Valtech and Tech girl. I was very amused when she told me about which customers they are working with or has worked with. I ate lunch with Louise and Magda. We talk about literally everything. From movies until doing maths at lunch. They are great people. Words can’t describe them enough. After I was finished with “work”, all I could think about was how lucky I was to get accepted at Valtech.

Magdalena och Louise

Magdalena och Louise

The second day (Friday, April 13)

The second day, I made a study of the various teams working in Valtech to know Valtechs customers.

I first met a team that works with the Villaägarna. It was Victor Winnhed who showed me what they did in this team. His job is before the development starts. He is supposed to find out if it's something worth developing or not because they don’t want to do something that just will not be used. He also makes sketches and creates prototypes so that he knows how the user sees the results.  

Victor Winnhed

Victor Winnhed, User experience designer

Then I met Linus and Jennifer. Linus showed me their work with Hoist. He even showed how the process goes, from the start to the end. Then, Jennifer came and told me about other customers. She demonstrated their work with “Socialstyrelsen”.

Jennifer Williams and Linus Hultkrantz

Linus Hultkrantz och Jennifer Williams

After lunch I met the “Rädda barnen” team.  They are now making the new website for “Rädda barnen”. They have come a long way by now. Anna, who is UX designer, told me about the process. She is the one who starts the work process. She draws and sketches how the website is going to work. Then I met one of the three developers in this team. He displayed the work he has done until now and told me a little bit about his work. This team was a great. Their work ethic spoke for itself.

At last I met Max. He is also an User Experience designer. He is working with Forex right now. We talked about school and after that he gave me some serious life advices. If you need any advice, just go to him. I am sure that he will help you.

Max Dyrhage

Max Dyrhage, User experience designer

Third day (Monday April 16)


Edis Potori, Film producer & Photographer

Third day of my work experience program, I followed the great man, Edis, to one of his work outside the office. We went to “Villaägarna” office and took profile pictures of workers, for their new website. It was a long but it was worth it. Edis taught me so much. Especially about communication. He told me so many important things but one of them is stuck in my mind.

“Rule number two. If you see someone that needs to talk, you go and talk to them. Even if you are deadly tired.”   

Fourth day (Tuesday April 17)

On tuesday, I met an Art director called Johanna Grahn. She is working with two teams and one of them is the “Hoist” team. She demonstrated her part of the project and other projects she has done. She is the one who designed the tech-girl Icon. I would say she has the best part of the project.

 Johanna Grahn

Johanna Grahn, Art director

Fifth day (Friday April 18)

On Wednesday I met Someya who is Tech Talent. She showed me what she works with which is Boost dashboard recruitment. After that, she taught me how to make a website and I tested it. It was really fun and easy to make.

Someya Sayeh

Someya Sayeh, Tech talent

Sixth day (Thursday April 19)

On Thursday, I was one of the guides to Tech girl students. I was very happy to see them in my place. I have been a Tech girl two years ago and now I got the chance to be a guide. Tech girl is a great idea to have more girls in the Tech branch. And the students’ age really matter. These girls are are in the age 11-13 which is great because this is the age that people try to find their interests. After the celebration of Tech girls, I got interviewed about how my work experience period was here at Valtech. I was a little nervous at first but got relieved after it was done. 

Seventh day (Friday April 20)

I had an assignment from school and for that I had to interview someone from my Prao place. I chose to interview my supervisor, who is Funda. I asked her some basic question and she gave me some interesting answers. After the intervie, I got a tour at Valtech Store. I found all of it really cool. After Lunch, I went with four sweet girls for Ice cream. And then I was with Edis for the Consultancy Profile Photography. Then, my day was over after the Friday candy. 

Ice cream time!

Linn, Louise, Pernilla, Magdalena

My days at Valtech were great. So much more funnier than school. I appreciate everyone who helped me and showed me new things in these seven days.  Everyone at Valtech’s work ethic is enviable. Keep up the good work. ❤️

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