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Light is the essence of every great image. And for the last 50 years, Profoto has played a key role in enabling many of the world’s most renowned photographers to create their iconic images through the use of light.

About Profoto

Swedish company Profoto is world famous for its robust, reliable flashes and light shaping tools. With a turnover of 650MSEK and presence on over 50 markets, Profoto is an iconic brand, well known to many influential photographers. Though loaded with technology, Profoto's products are so easy to use that you won't need a manual. Up until a couple of years ago the company focused mainly on studio photographers, especially within the fashion industry. Supplying fashion photographers with tools that have both facilitated the work and allowed these photographers to move the boundaries of their creativity has been Profoto's main objective for 40 years.

Profoto skärmar

The need

The business objective of the new digital strategy is to create a truly seamless customer experiences for existing customers but also to increase the addressable market by attracting new customers as well. The focus is to truly give users the best Profoto experience through online product presentation, creative content, e-commerce and professional online education.

This is not only about building a new website. We are moving our business into a new arena and at the same time we are launching new business models. To be able to do this, we need to rethink our technical architecture and our customer experience. To do this, we choose Valtech as our strategic partner.

- Vendela Hägge, Vice President Global Marketing at Profoto

The customer

Photographers live and work online, and Profoto's ambition with its digital services is to provide the right products, information, education and tools throughout every point of the customer lifecycle.

Profoto B1X

The solution

Together, Valtech and Profoto created a new global Brand site with mobile first in mind, through a B2C e-commerce platform that has been launched to 50 markets in 11 languages. In addition, B2C e-commerce for physical products is enabled for select markets. A marketing automation system has been integrated into the platform to enable targeted and effective communication, and images and specifications for all customer products are handled in a PIM solution which is integrated with the web solution. Profoto can also promote sales and the use of their products in the context of world class photography and inspirational behind­ the-scene stories in the site section titled “Profoto stories”.

Profoto stories

A new global Brand site has been launched to 50 markets in 11 languages

Potential customers will begin their customer journey with Profoto Academy to experience courses from world leading photographers, in collaboration with Profoto. Courses are purchased directly within the platform and consumed through an integrated online training platform.

With "My Profoto", Profoto can continuously develop, support and strengthen relationships with customers, who can now register their products, download product firmware and read content stories that are tailored exclusively to them.

Profoto's project was delivered with an agile setup through a cross functional team between Valtech and Profoto. The site is a cloud-based web application with an exclusive GUI that is optimized for speed in handling images and animations, with support for web analytics and SEO. This business transformation project required tight collaboration between Profoto and Valtech, along with designers from Bazooka.

Profoto Academy

Profoto Academy

Profoto Academy is a series of online video courses designed to educate and inspire talented photographers who might be beginning their journey with light and light shaping. But, this isn't simply a series of online videos - this a journey that culminates with a Profoto certification.

Platform setup

Upon coming to Valtech with this project, Profoto had the need to completely replace its current digital environment which included the realization of a new digital platform for communication and sales of both products and services. In this case, the solutions chosen were Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce and lnRiver PIM. In addition to this, the project has included integration with the ERP system, marketing automation system, payment providers and learning management system(LMS), which is all hosted in Azure cloud.

Profoto upplev

Concept and Design

Design Principles for Profoto's digital services are clear and focus on simplicity while remaining intuitive, informative, visual, inspirational and substantial. The challenge was to combine these in a balanced way while presenting Profoto's products in a professional way. Professional does not mean complicated, however. For the photographer, this is all about what they can achieve and what they need in order to do it, and Profoto's challenge has been to explain the customer's needs and the resources Profoto provides as clearly as possible. 


In addition to creating a successful platform for photographers to utilize, this project has been nominated for IDG top 100 award 2018 and The Swedish Publishing Prize 2018.

Episerver Web Awards 2018 - The Audience Award

Episerver Web Awards

Winner in the Swedish Design award 2018 - best digital eCommerce site

Svenska Designpriset

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