Guldnyckeln 2019

The latest in data, tech and marketing

Guldnyckeln is an event focusing on the latest in data, tech and marketing – being arranged since 1982. Here you can scout new trends, be inspired by success stories and take advantage of all the latest in data, tech & marketing.

Our speaker on stage

Anders Sjönvall, Art Director at Valtech

To be truly successful in all fields you need to make your whole brand accessible and not just your latest product. Your company name “since 19blablabla” means nothing when the only thing a customer can purchase is the latest X100 Premium flash extra.
Make services that enable a user to buy second hand, re-cycled or used.
Make services that lets a customer make your company look smart, aware and progressive.
Make services that writes you stories, stories that matters…

At Valtech, creative and innovation work is extracted from a very close relationship between developer and creative. Its iterative process where prototypes and tests finally sets the final product on stage. Along with this processes exciting stories are written. Stories based on their clients– and their clients actual needs and demands. Those stories are the basis of the service solutions.

  • How do we use those stories and solutions as marketing and communication tools?
  • Who should tell those stories?
  • How do we reach an “always on” state?
  • What is true experienced value?