Inspirationslunch - Re-thinking Content Infrastructure

Together with Contentful

Starting in September 2017, Contentful and Valtech are organizing a series of events on Re-thinking Content Infrastructure. Join us on September 27th at Valtech's Stockholm office for a lunch featuring two insightful talks.

How to build replaceable web sites and apps

Marcus Ahnve, Solution Architect at Valtech

The first question that should be asked when designing a new system should be "How will we replace this". It is an uncomfortable fact that somewhere in a non too distant future, the shiny new thing we're building will have become old and obsolete. What if we could replace parts of it when needed instead of doing the big bang redesigns every five to ten years? Marcus Ahnve will show how to design web systems and UI's that continuously supports a continuously changing business and why you need a CMS that is not only headless but also allows you to model your content in a more granular fashion that "pages".

What does Spotify, Urban Outfitters and The British Museum consider when selecting a CMS?

Peter Sunna, Head of Product at Contentful

Traditional CMS platforms do not meet the needs of agile digital companies. Learn how digital innovators are utilising microservice architectures to be able to ship new products faster.